There are lots of people who wrote about this in the internet, but most are hard to understand. Here I will try to teach you how to make your own 20th Century Fox video logo. I learned this from a site called The owner of the site, Joey Kissimmee has a video about this topic and it is very clear. If my steps are hard to understand, you can click here, to go to his site and watch his video. But I should warn you, his video is about an older version of Blender, and the old version of Blender is very different from the latest one.

1. Go to Click on Download at the very top of the page.

2. Choose the correct file to download for your computer, and click on the link that says your country.

3. A box should pop-up, asking for your permision. Allow it. If the box didn’t pop-up, don’t worry. Click on the link which says “If nothing happens, click here”.

4. You will be asked if you want to run or save the file. It doesn’t actually matter, but I’m going continue as if you pressed “Run”, so it would be easier for you to press run.

5. The computer might ask for your permision again, so press allow, download, continue, exc.

6. After a short time, the Blender installer should open. Press “Next”. Press “I agree” if you agree the License Agreement. Press “Next” again (If you want to change the properties before you press next, you can if you want). Now, it will ask where you want to install the program and all its files. If the default setting is OK, just press “Next”. If you want to install it somewhere else, press Browse, choose the place you want to install Blender, and press “Next”. Then, if you don’t have a special purpose, choose the recommended properties and press “Install”.

7. You’re might have to wait a while now.

8. After the installation finishes, it’s going to ask you if you want to open Blender now. Uncheck the box, because we don’t want to open it yet. Then press “Finish”. The box should close.

9. Now, we aren’t going to create the logo from nothing! So you need to download a zip file. Joey kissimmee has the zip file on his site, so go to his site, scroll down a little, and click on “download zip file here…”.

10. A box will open and ask if you want to save the file or open it. Click on “Save”. It will ask where you want to save it. You can save it wherever you want, but don’t forget where you saved it. The file will start downloading. It didn’t take a long time on my computer, so I guess it won’t on yours. After the download, it will ask if you want to open the file, open the folder the file is in, or just close the box. Press “Close”.

11. Now go to where you downloaded the file. It should be a zip folder called “”. Click on it. A folder should be there called “fox-logo”. Click on it. Now, there is a blender file, the music for the fox logo, a pdf with instructions (we are not going to use this, but if you want to look inside it for some help, you can), and a file which installs blender (we won’t need this one, because we already installed Blender).

12. Open the blender file called “edit-fox-logo.blend”. In a few seconds, blender should open the file. You should see the 20th Century Fox logo from the front, and beside it, 3D. At the bottom, there should be a toolbar. We opened the file!!!

13. Right-click on “20″ in the 2D part (left part of screen). Press on tab in your keyboard (if you don’t know what tab is, it’s the button which has arrows pointing two both sides, on your keyboard). A thick white line should appear beside “20″. Now you are in the editing mode. You can backspace (the button on your keyboard which has an arrow pointing to the left) to delete the writing, and you can write whatever you want. After you changed the writing (if you wanted to), you should press tab again to exit editing mode. Don’t worry if your writing is too big or small, not in the correct place, exc. We will fix those later.

14. You can do the same thing for the other words or objects on the left part of the screen (2D part). Just right-click on the thing you want to edit, press tab, change it, and press tab again.

15. Now is the time to edit the size of the objects and words. When you right-click on the word or object, you should see two lines (green and red), which either have a box, or triangle on the ends. If they have boxes, then you are in the mode where you can change the size. If they have triangles, then you are in the mode where you can change the place of things. For now, we are going to use the box mode. Now I will show you how to change from triangle to box mode. Even if you are in box mode, keep reading because you will need to know these for later on. Look at the very top of the toolbar, which is at the bottom of the screen. There should be 4 buttons and a box saying “View” beside them. The button on the left should have a picture on it with three lines. One of them red, one blue and one green. The button second from the left should have a blue line with a triangle on the end. The button second from the right should have a bent blue line. The button on the right should have a blue line with a box on the end. Choose this one (the one which has a blue line with a box on the end).

16. Now, when you right-click on a word or object, you should see one red, one green line with boxes in the ends. When you press a box, and drag it, you can make the word or object get bigger or smaller. If you drag the green one, it gets bigger in height. If you drag the red one, it gets thicker. This is how you change the size. You can change the size of the words, or the lines and pedestals between the words.

17. Now is the time for triangle mode. This time do the same thing as step 15, but don’t click on the button with the blue line and a box at the end, click on the button with the blue line and a triangle at the end.

18. When you right-click on a word or object, you should see triangles at the ends of the two lines. If you press and drag one of the arrows, you can move the words or objects. Draging the green triangle makes the object or word go upwards or downwards, but draging the red triangle makes the object or word go left or right.

19. So you learned how to edit! Blender is much, much, much more complicated than this, but this is going to be enough for us. We’re lucky the file we just edited was made by someone else. It would be very hard to make this logo from nothing.

20. Now is the time for the settings. The toolbar at the bottom of the screen is split in 3. The thin one on top is the one we used for editing, the thin one in the middle is something we’re not going to use, and the big one at the bottom is the one we need now. By moving the bar at the very bottom of the page, you can move the big toolbar left and right, so you can see everything. Find where it says “Output” in there. Right below the word “Output”, there should be a textbox, and a picture of a folder beside it. By clicking on the picture, you can change where you want to save your video. Then we need to change the file type. Right beneath the textbox, there is a button which probably says “JPEG”. Click on it, and when you see different file types, choose “AVI Raw”. Don’t touch anything else.

21. We now need to change the size of the video. Move the bar at the very bottom of the page, and find where it says “Dimensions”. Under it, you should see “Resolution”. Below “Resolution”, change “X” to 640, and “Y” to 480 if you’re going to use it for regular things. If you’re going to put it in a video site like youtube, etc. change “X” to 320, and “Y” to 240.

22. You’re finished! The only thing left now is to wait. Move the bar at the very bottom of the page, and find where it says “Render” (it’s at the very left). Under “Render”, there should be two buttons. One should say “Image”, and the other should say “Animation”. Click on “Animation”.

23. A new page should open, and very very slowly, you’re going start to see your video in pictures. Now, the project is rendering (which means it is being turned into a video). At the top left, you should see “Fra: (a number)”. If you don’t see it yet, wait a little while, and you should see it. Don’t forget it’s “Fra:” and not “Fa:”. The number next to “Fra:” is going to increase very slowly. When it becomes 600, press F3. It will take a very long time to render. Other sources said it would take about 3 to 4 hours, maybe 7, but it took my computer 16 hours, and it’s a very fast computer.

24. When “Fra:” is equal to 600, press F3. When you press F3, you will stop the rendering, and a window will open asking where you want to save it. You have already chosen where you wanted to save the video, under “Output”. This window asks where you want to save a picture of the video. We’re not going to use it, but you should still save it somewhere, just in case. After you saved the picture, you’re finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Remember where you saved Joey Kissimmee’s zip file? Now we need it again. There was the blender file, the music, blender installer, and istructions. If you know how to add the music to the video, then that’s great. You can do it on your own. So you don’t need to read anymore. If you don’t know how to add the music to the video, click on this link to open Joey Kissimmee’s Part 2 video, and watch the ends of it. He uses Windows Movie Maker, and if I’m not mistaken most Windows computers have Windows Movie Maker. I don’t think you can find it in the internet though. You can also use Windows Live Movie Maker (they are different programs). You may find it easier or harder, I don’t actually know which one is harder. But if you want to download Windows Live Movie Maker, press this link to go to the website. But I have to warn you, you’re going to have to learn by yourself or by using another tutorial.